Don't pretend you're not a nerd!

- Devin Townsend at Tuska Festival, 2011

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Let's talk more about front-end

I love CSS to an absurd degree. Whenever I build a site for a client, a front-end assignment for class, or conduct geeky experiments in my 'labs' folder, I always have so much fun with CSS that I'm prone to losing track of time. So yeah, I can't identify with the "CSS = Can't stop swearing" crowd!

I'm fluent in HTML and care about accessibility. I try my best to do the right things A11Y-wise, but sometimes it's hard because there doesn't always seem to be a definite way to do certain things.

I know some JavaScript, but haven't had to pick a framework yet. I'm currently familiarizing myself with PHP by building WordPress themes.

What do I do and enjoy aside from bringing pixels to life?

Aside from web dev, I live for cats, vegan junk food, sugar highs, and fast metal. Especially death metal. My favorite video games are NetherRealm Studios fighting games, Stray, and The Talos Principle. I'm also a huge fan of the Westworld series (RIP). For a bit of adventure, I occasionally try my hand at parkour and floor acrobatics. I'm not good at either, but both sports make for fun exercise.

As for my family life, I operate as a full-time door opener, scritch giver, and living heating pad for a couple of perfect brown tabbies that I dub "The Catkinens." Here are my adorable girls, assisting me while I learn and work.

Meet Krisse. She decided that I was done with a short break while following along with Brad Schiff's Become a WordPress Developer course, and I needed to get back to learning.
Meet Salla. She loves sinking her teeth into interesting projects.

Thanks for reading about me. "You stay classy." Or do you prefer "Thanks for stopping by?"

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