Universal Music Finland

I designed and built a customizable and reusable template for one of Universal Music Finland’s designers to make single-page sites for multiple artists. Built with HTML, SCSS, and vanilla JavaScript.

About Universal Music Finland

This was my very first client project. And for Universal Music Finland, no less? Huh. Not bad! 💅🏻

The client wanted the ability to easily modify each site’s text content, images, aesthetic theme, social media icons, and links in the main site menu and add his choice of the artist’s social media feeds. CSS custom properties were perfect for the aesthetic changes the client wanted to control on each site. To change the each site’s color theme, the client can plug their choice of hex or RGB codes into the custom property values to change background, text and icon colors. Using CSS custom properties again, I also gave the client a choice of flex values they can plug in as properties that enable them to align the navigation’s toggle and the main site menu to be aligned left, center or right depending on what they think looks good.

CSS custom properties for the win!

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