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I designed and built a site for a fictional blackened folk metal band that sings, screams and growls placeholder text. Built with HTML, SCSS and vanilla JavaScript.

About Lorem Ipsum

This was an assigned project as part of Gradia Jyväskylä's WordPress Development vocational program curriculum.

Build a website for a band? Sign me up!

Not gonna lie; when I learned that the first front-end assignment in class was to build a static site for a musician or band of our choosing, I was downright giddy. This type of assignment will always be ideal for a front-end metal nerd like me!

About the site's content

The only restriction I ran into when choosing a band to create a site for was that we could (understandably) only use Creative Commons images for this project. The pickings were too slim for the type of site that I wanted to design and build. A one-pager with a few photos wasn’t enough for me. I also wanted to include a discography section on the index and individual pages for each album with the help of CodeKit’s .kit partials. So I decided to form a fake band called Lorem Ipsum for the sake of this fun project! I did something similar in early 2020 when I wanted to make something fun on CodePen for practice. I was newer to front-end development at that stage. I’m happy to report that my naming has improved, I’ve leveled up my Sass and JavaScript skills, and my knowledge and awareness regarding accessibility have increased since creating that pen.

The inspiration behind my new band

The aesthetics and theme for this fictional band and their site were inspired by a legendary American atmospheric folk/doom metal band called Agalloch. Choosing a band like Agalloch to base this site on meant I had endless amounts of gorgeous images of forests, nature, snow, abstract art, etc., from Unsplash to choose from for the hero image, album covers, and band photos.


I had a blast with this. I’d totally build another forest-loving band’s website in the future!

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