I created and designed a WordPress site for an imaginary client and her eco-friendly salon, ShortCuts. I built my own WordPress theme for this project using HTML, SCSS, PHP and vanilla JavaScript.

About ShortCuts

This was an assigned project as part of Gradia Jyväskylä's WordPress Development vocational program curriculum. It was our class’ first assignment that simulated what it would be like to work on a real client project. We were tasked with building a WordPress website for an eco-centric salon.

The project specs

The hypothetical client wanted to maintain a blog and add services, prices, information about partner brands, customer testimonials, offers, announcements, and bios of staff members as needed. The aesthetics of the site had to be clean and modern enough to appeal to a young demographic while simultaneously being easy to read and accessible to older visitors.

My goals for the assignment

I went into this project with a few key goals in mind. I aimed to make editing and adding content as easy for a hypothetical client as I possibly could. I also wanted to create an intuitive site for visitors that offers all of the relevant information that they would need before they hit that call-to-action button in the header to make their reservation with this particular salon.

About my WordPress theme

I used what I learned from Brad Schiff’s awesome Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code course to build my own theme. I created custom post types for services, partner brands, customer testimonials, and staff bios. I also used plenty of Advanced Custom Fields on various pages and in the custom post types.


This was a great assignment that opened my eyes to just how much work is involved in a WordPress client project. In addition to building the site, our class was also tasked with making a sales pitch to the hypothetical client, drafting a contract, presenting a site map, and keeping track of our time throughout the entire project. This was an excellent learning experience for sure!

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